Hi! I am PJ Dyson, and I am pleased to provide you with an overview of my professional & Personal background.

With a history spanning nine years in the E-commerce retail industry, my journey has been marked by experience and notable achievements. I hold a degree in Radio/Television from Stephen F. Austin, where I discovered my passion for creativity.

My extensive tenure in the Ecommerce corporate sector has honed my ability to be a proficient team player and communicator. I find great satisfaction in thorough research and pride myself on being a highly analytical individual.

Motivated by a desire to leverage my creative instincts, I transitioned to UX Design to explore new opportunities for innovation. While I found fulfillment in my previous roles, I craved a space that would truly nurture and amplify my creative side. In UX Design, I've discovered the perfect avenue to channel my passion for creativity, allowing me to contribute to projects that challenge and inspire me daily. Excited about the dynamic intersection of user experience and design, I'm committed to making a meaningful impact through thoughtful and imaginative solutions.
Known for my down-to-earth nature, I excel in collaborative and team-oriented environments, fostering a positive atmosphere that encourages open communication and idea exchange. This ability to connect with others seamlessly aligns with my approach to UX design, where teamwork is paramount. In the realm of User Experience, collaboration is key to understanding diverse perspectives, integrating valuable insights, and ultimately crafting designs that resonate with a broad audience. My affinity for teamwork not only enhances the creative process but also ensures that the user-centric solutions I contribute to are well-rounded and inclusive.​​​​​​​
Passionate about sports, I find joy in both spectating and participating. During my leisure hours, you'll likely find me on the ice, engaging in Adult League Hockey, or on the sand court for recreation league sand volleyball. Beyond that, I take on the role of coaching my nephew's tee ball team with never fading enthusiasm – go Saints!
In addition to my athletic pursuits, I have a deep appreciation for music, exploring various genres. Recently, I've delved into the world of drumming, embracing the challenge of learning a new instrument. Traveling is another one of my great loves, and among the destinations I've explored, Edinburgh, Scotland, holds a special place in my heart.
Thank you for taking the time to gain insight into my professional journey. I am open to forging new connections and exploring collaborative opportunities.
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